Gucci X Adidas

In March, GUCCI announced a collaboration with Adidas that will feature in its autumn/winter 2022 collection at Milan Fashion Week. Recently, the full catalogue of the joint brand was released, offering 233 items in total, including clothing, shoes and accessories.

Themed on retro aesthetics, this collaboration combines formal wear items in the traditional sense with retro context, and combines elements such as Adidas’ clover and three-stripe logo with GUCCI’s “Double G” pattern and red-light green ribbon to create sports items with distinctive retro features.

The design inspiration comes from the retro, hippie, charming 1980s, TV entertainment, aerobics, retro sports clothes, as if a moment back to that entertainment supremacy, personality brimming era. Different from the previous show series, the colors are presented with more colorful colors and printed colors, showing the aesthetic sense of personality. The vitality and unrestrained display of the 1980s is incisively and vividly without a hint of advanced sense.

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