Gucci Spring/Summer 2023 Twinsburg: A fashion show for 68 pairs of twins

Since Alessandro Michele proclaimed himself creative Director of Gucci, he has always surprised us with his creative ideas, not only in the sense of clothing, but also in the design of each show, which is closely linked with the theme, so that people who watch the show will be surprised. The spring/summer of 2023 Gucci Twinsburg seems to be inspired by the movie “The Shining”. According to the creative director, it is not the Shining, but the late mother of creative director Alessandro Michele, a pair of twins. This is actually a warm and moving show.

In the middle of what seemed to be a normal show, a panel was raised and there was an identical model at the other end of the booth, wearing the same clothes and walking the same steps. The audience is shocked that not only are the people and the clothes exactly copied, but the show floor is also mirrored.

The twins then meet at opposite ends of the show, holding hands with their identical counterparts, and walk toward the center of the stage, which fills up the dramatic tension of the show once again. Is it now another replicated parallel? Or was it Alessandro Michele’s trick?

There is a long-standing preference for symmetrical beauty, even when it is not tangible. The invisible is also a kind of existence, only it is out of sight, more hidden, more subtle.
“I’m the child of two mothers,” says Michele, who was cared for by two twin mothers until he was seven. “They lived in the same body, wore the same clothes, wore the same perfume. They were like magical mirror images, one replicating the other. One of the twins’ mothers died when he was 7, and no one told him where she had disappeared, leading Michele to believe that in each body, there are two souls. (Michele reportedly cried at the end of the show)

Therefore, this is Michele’s ever very inner, with strong personal emotion of a show.

Double doppelgators and self-identity have long been a subject of obsession for Alessandro Michele, as he and Jared Leto have dressed up as twins at the Met Gala in the past, or staged scary catwalk scenes carrying replica heads. Michele believes that even if there is another you in the world, wearing the same appearance, everyone is ultimately a different individual, with different styles, embrace different souls, “the same clothes in the same body, but can send out completely different temperament.” ‘he said.

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