The LVMH Innovation Award in 2022

For the 6th LVMH Innovation Awards, the recruitment campaign’s Muse and the group’s “face of innovation” Livi* announced the XNUMX startups that will join LVMH LABS at this year’s Viva Technology from 21 15th to 18. Competitive challenge.

Since its inception, LVMH has been a partner in Europe’s largest annual start-up and technology event, inviting start-ups and thought leaders to create the future of luxury with fresh ideas and breakthrough solutions that connect physical and virtual Spaces.

From 75 cutting-edge solution areas representing 950 countries/regions, LVMH shortlisted 21 startups, 48 percent of which were led by women. These solutions address key challenges faced by LVMH Maisons. Winning candidates will be invited to join LVMH’s accelerator program, La Maison des Startups, located at the Station F Incubator.

“Blending creativity and innovation is at the core of LVMH’s DNA, and we are delighted to welcome these 21 new startups to our unparalleled ecosystem. Livi will play an important role in VivaTech and we are proud that she represents the innovative initiatives of the group and our brands, “said Toni Belloni, Managing director of LVMH Group.

Six startups will be recognized in six different categories, covering the key challenges in the luxury world and its ecosystem:

3D/ virtual product experience and meta boundaries
Employee experience and Corporate Social Responsibility
Media & Brand awareness
Omnichannel and retail
Operational and manufacturing excellence
There will also be special awards for startups with the most compelling data and artificial intelligence solutions. One of the shortlisted startups will receive the LVMH Innovation Award.

The awards ceremony, scheduled for XNUMX 16, will be co-hosted by Livi, and experts will join her in a virtual residence to share their vision for the future of luxury.

3D/ virtual product experience and meta boundaries
Bisky: Interoperability between the NFT marketplace and the wallet meta-realm
Block Bar: NFT market that sells wine and spirits directly to consumers
Dress X: Digital A wardrobe that anyone can wear virtually
Lingo3d: A solution that allows brands to easily create online exhibitions and virtual pop-ups

Employee experience and Corporate Social Responsibility
Bloomin: Platform for measuring and analyzing employee experience in real time
Gamino: Training for disability awareness at Digital
LUMM: Tools and training to support employee mental health

Media & Brand awareness
Lumen: Eye movement tracking technology used to understand and optimize digital advertising
WO: Use data from search engines and social networks to identify new micro trends early
Seenthis: Streaming technology to speed up the display of video ads

Omnichannel and retail
Hut: Dynamic translation of natural language into database query language
Mark Nuctech: Counterfeit detection and removal of online sales
Display case: Phygital solution for remote video presentations of watches and jewelry.

Operational and manufacturing excellence
Starlink: Cloud collaboration and distributed storage software for confidential data
Insights: Collaborative platform for exploring data, creating predictions, and deploying normative insights
City: The last stage of luxury services, bringing the store to the customer

Biofuzz: 100% plant-based replacement for fur
Genesis: Monitoring the health of agricultural soils
Scan: Measure and optimize carbon emissions across a company’s value chain
Microturn: Converting unsold textiles into new yarns and fabrics

*Livi, representative of LVMH Innovation Virtual Insider, is the new “face of innovation” of LVMH Group, responsible for promoting digital channels, innovation projects led by the group and its brands, in different LVMH. Livi will also actively support the LVMH Innovation Awards, an annual challenge for start-ups held by the group during the Viva Technology event.

Modeled 2021D by three-year LVMH Innovation Award finalist Altava and dressed by LVMH fashion and jewelry brands, Livi will star in the upcoming VivaTech event, which will be held from 15 18 to XNUMX Day. She will broadcast the LVMH Innovation Awards live from her virtual home and participate in the digital VivaTech edition, welcoming experts to talk about the major challenges of the future of luxury goods.

Chanel Early Spring Collection 2022-23 Sofia and Roman Coppola

Sofia and Roman Coppola presented kit for the 202/23 Early Spring collection at several iconic locations around Monaco. Actress and CHANEL ambassador Lyna Khoudri and models Blesnya Minher, HyunJi Shin, Mariam de Vinzelle and Vivienne Rohner are Melodie McDaniel The heroine of the film and a series of shots.

A driver’s jumpsuit printed in tweed or silk on the velodrome. T-shirts embroidered with patches and flowers, draping corsets and long dresses made of ivory lace adorn the bedrooms or balconies of Karl Lagerfeld’s villa La Vigie. Swimsuits and black and white patterned sweaters at the pool and beach of the Monte Carlo Beach hotel where the fashion show will be held… to the sound of Bryan Ferry’s Slave to Love, these photos give us a glimpse of Chanel’s Early Spring 2022 collection /23 Collected by Virginie Viard and archived by Karl Lagerfeld.

Chanel Resort Cruise 2023 Monte Carlo

The 5-5-22… Coco Chanel has doubled her lucky number this season. The exquisite collection on display at Monte Carlo Beach. French sportswear, bomber jackets, creative accessories, pouches — all of these are the little cute wonders of a surprising and unbeatable colorful collection presented at Monte Carlo Beach. Everything was elegantly wrapped around Chanel.

The collection is highly original, its creative take on the elegant sporty look of the 1980s inspired by Karl Lagerfeld’s archives and his famous scuba diving jacket. Pink and blue are finally back at Chanel with the new Virginie Viard.

This could be what we’ve been waiting for… Get Chanel fresh breeze and summer happiness.

Chanel’s history is littered with places of inspiration that helped shape its style, set its norms and promote its creation. Among these iconic inspirations, Monte Carlo occupies a special place. Today, Virginie Viard reinvigorates the Riviera spirit with its 202/23 prespring collection, full of freedom and sophistication, interpreting the concept of fashion based on modernity.

Inspired by Monaco’s cosmopolitan beach lifestyle and CHANEL’s history in the Cote d ‘Azur, a first look at the collection showcased rich black and white swimsuits, glamorous sequins and lilting crochet suits.

Bathed in the bright Mediterranean sun, Vivienne Rohner, Mariam de Vinzelle, Lyna Khoudri, HyunJi Shin and Blesnya Minher embody the spirit of the collection with carefree summer vignets by the pool, on the boat and on the beach. A series of summer sports.
A 58-second short film directed by Sofia and Roman Coppola.

Best ‘Gilded Glamour’ Look at Met Gala 2022

Tonight’s official theme for The Met Gala is “In America: An Anthology Of Fashion,” a category called “Gilded Glamour.” From Hillary Clinton to Sarah Jessica Parker to Hugh Jackman to Elon Musk and, most importantly, The known and unknown Harlem “royalties” (gold and diamond teeth gleaming) are here tonight.

This is actually the Vogue event that everyone has been looking forward to for the past 10 years. It was truly the most glamorous event, the first interactive and live event organized by Vogue.

The event is devoted to “Gilded Glamour” — American fashion. Statements about how American fashion trumps Parisian (European) fashion were released a few days before the event. “American culture”, “American spirit”, “American fashion”.

Note: Every little detail is well thought out. After Elon Musk bought Twitter, not only was he invited to the Met Gala, but Vogue hosted its first live event on Twitter instead of Instagram. In fact, instead of updating Vogue’s pages with looks, everyone can watch short interviews with all the invited guests and vote for the looks that fit the evening’s ‘gilded and glamorous’ theme. How many more surprises are in store?

Hillary Clinton, wearing French-American designer Joseph Altuzarra, praised not just American fashion, but American spirit. She said in interviews that she wanted to wear something that called out to all American women throughout American history, from Sacagawea to Eleanor Roosevelt. The names of all the important American women are embroidered on her dresses.

Valentino dresses, Versace Gucci, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Dior and Givenchy are the top choices for guests tonight… Celebrate American fashion. What’s more, Anna Wintour wore a Chanel evening gown and tiara for the celebration. This is a wonderful addition to CFDA President Tom Ford’s talk about how American fashion trumps European fashion. You did win…

Four American designers were the best choices tonight: Tom Brown, Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors and Prabal Gurung.

Glenn Close in a custom-made red carpet look created for her by the creative director of Valentino’s pink PP collection. The look includes a cape, silk georgette shirt and matching trousers, as well as gloves……

Gigi Hadid wore a bright red leather Versace jumpsuit and huge puffy cape.

Billie Eilish in a custom-made Gucci regenerative dress. In other words, Gucci’s creative director, Alessandro Michele, copied and cobbled together different dresses for her. Recycled dress – This is the new show… ole-olo……

Alicia Keys paid tribute to New York City in Ralph Lauren.

Gwen Stefani wears a custom-made Vera Wang HAUTE on the red carpet at the 2022 Met Gala “In America: An Anthology Of Fashion.” She wore a custom fluorescent chartreuse two-piece mikado ball gown with a strapless top, off-the-shoulder sleeves and hand-cut silk flowers artfully placed within the architectural folds of the dress.

Thom Browne Autumn/Winter 2022-2023 collection

Let’s start with a simple illustration: Thom Browne grew from Ralph Lauren to Moncler. In August 2018, Ermenegildo Zegna announced that they had purchased a % stake in the brand XNUMX. Classic men’s best suits and entreaties are a designer’s playground.

Year after year, he experimented with fabrics, and Thom Browne’s imagination took him to a hybrid of the best suits and Second Empire dress codes. This autumn/winter 2022-2023 collection is his personal “haute couture” (if I may call it that), a Victorian imagination.

The extraordinary combination of fabrics, bows and pleats became the epic story of teddy bear celebrations across the country. Pilgrim hats became teddy bear loungewear, and with the years of fleece, it became balls.

There are clear echoes of the English Civil War in the 17th century, beautifully reproduced by Vivienne Westwood. Some looks are definitely looking for Madame Vivienne all over again, others have gone from Vivienne Westwood to Comme des Garcons Japan and then to kinomo in Japan. The creative process of the designer, in this story of the teddy bear show, is so well written. After a few kimono green looks, we see them transformed into clown costumes.

This remarkable story is another Victorian folly of the designer, a tale of transformation and vientiane jigsaw puzzle created by Thom Browne for the next fall/winter 2022-2023.

Philipp Plein Resort 2023

What can change “hard rock” or “always bad” designers? A father’s love! Philipp Plein, the happy, loving father, becomes cheerful, pinky and wrinkled. Combat boots were replaced by dance floor shoes. Aloha, Aloha — Philipp Plein has created a love story for the spring of 2023 in heaven.

Men’s Hawaiian shirts were paired with kitschy palm trees and dolphins (very LA), cute dresses in short pinks and yellows for women, fancy little tote bags and white shiny bombers. Nothing could be happier. Let’s hope he turns that blissful energy into a long love story filled with family values and joy.

Franck Sorbier Autumn/Winter 2022-2023 Haute Couture

Franck Sorbier tells the poetic story of the “mirror man”. The magical environment of horses, dancers and marshmallow girls takes us into imaginary worlds where forgotten heroes create their inner magic.

This collection is dedicated to Jacques Perrin.

Yesterday, today and tomorrow

For them, the “right to be different” is a calling, a duty, a ministry, not
Deserve it.

Immediately, we think of the film Les Enfants du paradis, Marcel Carne
Masterpiece, based on a play by Jacques Preville, in
Occupation, the first scene is the jubilant crowd, is carnival
Parade, Boulevard du Crime, Boulevard du Temple today, in Paris, Paris at night photos Brassai and Apaches’ band, the bad boys of the day,
Sarah Bernhardt, also known as Marlene Dietrich, on stage as well as in the city,
Troubadour, funhouse, street performer, operetta,
Magic, poetry, Pierrot Alcuin and the Phoenix rising forever from the ashes.

Which parish to meet in these turbulent times?
I was tempted to reply: “In Mounterbanks Parish, of course!” .
When we know that the outstanding Moliere could have been thrown into
Wrong commune, no crowd at night, like all actors and other artists
Time of day. We want to know. Acclaimed during their lives, they died rejected by society and excommunicated by the church.

Today, tragic endings are replaced by tributes of honor. It’s just a fair return.
Shiny and romantic black is essential.
Poppies and opera and scarlet glistening.
How not to quote Stendhal’s famous novel The Red and the Black.
Embroidery is ubiquitous in the application of convex lace, hollowed out black lace,
Reassemble and apply to a red background or Maison Worth file.

Once again, we find nature. It blooms generously in the garb of the Tree of Life,
A sanctuary for rare birds and other shiny insects.
Wrinkled, breaded and bubbling velvet warms the winter of our souls.
The Atelier Sorbier collection plays classic vintage cards. The tailored jacket, which was the foundation of the brand from 1991 to 2000, is an updated return to basics that will dress a new generation and timeless enthusiasts.

The collection is a playful and humanistic snub to current trends.
Breathing brings us closer, closer to who we are.
Let’s close our eyes for five minutes and imagine all the acrobats
The world hands in hand. ”

Frank Sobier

Dolce & Gabbana Syracuse Alta Moda 2022

Black lace dresses, jackets with cherub sculptures on the shoulders, a parade of calla lilies and a nod to Saint Lucia. The Syracuse collection is a reflection of the essence of the Dolce Gabbana brand, from the richness of Baroque style to the passion of emotion.

A dream, goal, or challenge that exceeds expectations: XNUMX years have passed since Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana first presented the Alta Moda collection in Taormina, Sicily, and Piazza del Cathedral of Ortigia, Syracuse in 2012.

It was an amazing night in Syracuse attended by Drew Barrymore, Mariah Carey, Sharon Stone and Helen Mirren, who lit up the sky in a custom gown specially made for the evening by Dolce Gabbana.

Dolce Gabbana Alta Moda for 10 years
This is a festival of lighting, invention, craft, craft, fabric, imagination and imagination: has Sicily taken over, or has this fashion taken advantage of its limitless advice? The presentation of an intimate story becomes the basic statement of the Dolce Gabbana brand. As Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana say, “Alta Moda shows us that anything is possible”.

It’s possible to come to Syracuse “a very special place, with its stones, buildings and people we love,” set up extra sets in the already scenic cathedral Square, stage an Easter Sunday parade, and launch the dramatic coda of the calla Lily: a perfect epic moment that tells the story of Sicily “but also tells the story of what we are: Family, relationships, faith, passion, “the designers said. It is also the relentless pursuit of goals to be overcome.

In chronological order, from 2012 to 2022, Dolce Gabbana presented the Alta Moda collection in many historic locations: Taormina, Stucchi in Milan, Masquerade in Venice, Ballet at Cara in Milan, Capri, Pretoria Square in Palermo, Naples. Portofino, Lake Como and SAN Marco in Venice last October… “We can’t say which Alta Moda series we like best, we can’t choose: they are all our children. Of course, every time we start painting, we want to surprise ourselves, “- Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. This XNUMX year was their grand journey, an extraordinary learning journey for the aristocrats and writers of the nineteenth century.

Background of novel Calla Lily Dolce Gabbana Alta Moda
All the history and traditions of Sicily are written by calla Lily Pietro Mascagni in an opera derived from Giovanni Verga’s novel of the same name. This is a story of love, jealousy, betrayal, falling in love and revenge. He speaks of the universal overcoming of categories and portrays a Sicily that puts its contradictions at the service of everyday life.

The scene of the Easter procession has very important sacred and secular significance, without the boundary of profanity, but finds its possibilities. Women dressed in black and wearing lace veils, tight black lace dresses perfectly matched the priestly robes and Madonna statues, gilded baroque stucco, wrought-iron gates, marble chercheries and those painted on church frescoes.

This is a perfect dimension for Santuzza to take revenge on Turiddu for betraying her, as well as preparation for Alfio to execute justice by killing opponents who dare to love his wife Lola. Continuous weaving, deduce different moments of life.

Just as the collection begins with a description of the white dress in the baroque style of Ortiga, it combines mood and aesthetic concreteness with the stone turned white by the glare of the sun. Sculptural dresses were paired with jackets, with the heads of two cherub angels hanging over the shoulders, before black lace dresses or made of silk crepe carved by the emperor and set in velvet or tulle.

Known as Carmela, Caterina, Maria Pia dresses, Bartolomea is expected to be a pure chiffon dress and Fortunata white coat with roses. There are sculptures, murals, doors that turn into jackets, and vice versa. Then there are small organza fans that create a feathery effect, nightgowns that look like priestly robes and coats that evoke the golden shrines of cathedrals.

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana said: “It’s all in continuity with the black of collecting everything, which is our memory, our family, sexiness and many things.” The silver laminated velvet dress, paired with a bra and gold belt, was “a nod to the twice-yearly procession through the city streets of Saint Lucia, the patron saint of Syracuse.”

“Every time we approach a new experience, we see that it is possible to try to create something special,” concluded the designers. A little aware of having passed the previous milestone, a little worried because it will be harder to pin down the next one.

The Dolce Gabbana Alta Moda collection is history and story. These unique pieces are profound representations of Sicily and its people, evoking exquisite beauty, tradition and timeless Italian craftsmanship.

Soaring over the shoulders of the distinctive Duchesse cotton jacket, sculpted cheruchs with hand-stitched micro-curtains and petals recreate the sheen and shine of marble in a nod to the timeless Sicilian Baroque.

The 2022 CFDA Fashion Awards

The CFDA has announced the nominees and winners for the 2022 CFDA Fashion Awards, which will be held on Monday, 7th 2022 at Cipriani South Street in Casa Cipriani, New York City. The 60 year CFDA Fashion Awards will celebrate XNUMX’s anniversary this year.

The 2022 CFDA Fashion Awards, in partnership with Amazon Fashion, will be held on Monday, July XNUMX Day, at Cipriani South Street, Casa Cipriani, Manhattan, New York City.

The Board Award will be presented posthumously to Virgil Abloh in recognition of the late designer’s contribution to global fashion.

Lenny Kravitz is the CFDA’s 2022 style icon.

The Positive Social Impact Award will be presented to Slaysians from The House of Slay, including Prabal Gurung, Laura Kim, Phillip Lim, Tina Leung and Ezra William.

The Founders Award in memory of Eleanor Lambert went to Andrew Bolton, head curator of the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Wendy Yu.

Laurie Lynn Stark and Richard Stark of Chrome Hearts will receive the Geoffrey Beene Lifetime Achievement Award.

The Media’s honoree in Eugenia Sheppard’s memory was Patti Wilson.

The award for Environmental Sustainability will be presented to the United Nations and will be accepted by the United Nations Under-Secretary-General, Ms. Amina Mohamed.

This year, the CFDA introduced a new stylist award. The inaugural winner was Law Roach.

In honor of the CFDA’s 60th anniversary, the CFDA has added a one-time special Anniversary award to longtime CFDA member Jeffrey Banks.

“The 2022 CFDA Fashion Awards will not only honor the best and brightest in American fashion, but also celebrate the CFDA’s 60th anniversary milestone,” said Steven Kolb, CEO of the CFDA. “This year’s nominations reflect a renewed excitement about American fashion among designers who are redefining the future of our industry. The CFDA appreciates Amazon Fashion’s support of the awards.”

“The CFDA Fashion Awards are an opportunity to recognize and praise designers who are using their creativity to change and move the industry forward,” said Muge Erdirik Dogan, President of Amazon Fashion. “Amazon Fashion shares the CFDA’s mission to support America’s most important designers, who are influential in efforts from sustainability to innovation. Congratulations to all of this year’s nominees and winners.”

Nominations for each award category are submitted by the CFDA Fashion Awards Association, which is made up of CFDA members as well as top fashion retailers, journalists and stylists.

Check out the full list of CFDA winners and nominees:
CFDA 2022 Fashion Icon

Positive Social Impact Award
Slayers from the House of Slayers, starring Prabal Gurung, Laura Kim, Phillip Lim, Tina Leung and Ezra William

Ellie Noland Bert Founders Award
Andrew Bolton, head curator Wendi Yue at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Jeffrey Beene Lifetime Achievement Award
Laurie Lynn Stark and Richard Stark, Chrome Hearts

Honorable Mention by Media Eugenia Sheppard
Patti Wilson

Environmental Sustainability Award
United Nations

Stylist Award

American womenswear Designer of the Year
Catherine Holstein, Kate
Christopher John Rogers
Gabriela Hurst
Laquan Smith

American menswear designer of the Year
Emily Adams Bode Aujla
Jerry Lorenzo, fear of God
Mike Amiri. Amiri
Tom Brown
Willy Chavarria

American Accessory Designer of the Year
Aurora James, the Willis brothers
Brandon Blackwood
Raul Lopez, Loor
Stuart Weavers, coach
Telfa Clemens, Telfa

New American Designer of the Year
Carly Mark, puppets and puppets
Colm Dillane, KidSuper
Elena Velez
Lauren Javier Godfrey. Javier Godfrey

Off-white 2023 spring/summer

IB has since been taken over by Virgil Abloh Off-White, or Ibrahim Kamara (b. 1990), a London-based fashion journalist and stylist. Ibrahim Kamara, who worked as a stylist for the late designer’s Off-White show, has been appointed “image and artistic director” of the brand jointly owned by Abloh’s Estate and LVMH.

This is the second blue Off-White collection to incorporate a variety of stylish looks, inspired by Rick Owens, Jean Paul Gaultier and John Galliano.